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Tianjin Flying Pigeon Cycle Manufacture Co., Ltd. Is the sole enterprise in China which produces time-honored Flying Pigeon bicycles. The bike brand we have is Flying Pigeon, Tiemao, Hongqi. Flying Pigeon bike factory start from 1930s. It has long history. To meet the market needs, it changes again and again.Our bikes sell to all of the world . In 1954, Flying Pigeon products have been identified at the first National Quality Of the Bicycle firstly. We won the national silver prize and Gold Medal in light industry products International Fair, best-selling Chinese-made goods, and the National Award for the best professional service in the previous quality bike rankings. In 2005, Flying Pigeon was maintained the well-known trademark by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. In 2006, it was awarded "The most competitive marketting brand" title by the Ministry of Commerce.
Flying Pigeon
Flying Pigeon

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"The China's most prominent bicycle trademark"

Beijing Scene Magazine,
January 1999

Business Week

"Flying Pigeon Bicycle Co., one of China's most storied brands"

Business Week,
September 2004

Business Week

"A Flying Pigeon - black frame, leather saddle andasingle gear- was so prized that workers forked overamonth's salary just to joinawaiting list"

The Wall Street Journal,
April 2006

Business Week

"One of the most iconic symbols of old China"

The Daily Telegraph,
May 2006

Business Week

"The Flying Pigeon remains China's bike,if only because much of the brand's existing rolling stock is still in service"..."the most popular and influential bicycle in the world"..."the bike that has pushed forward not only billions of people,but also history itself"

Bicycling Magazine,
October 2006

"The Flying Pigeon /.../ the king of Chinese bikes"

The Standard-China's Business Newspaper ,
April 2007